If you are intending to vacate the property you are leasing you will need to submit notice to our office in writing.


How much notice do I need to give?


A minimum 21 days notice is required if your fixed term lease has expired OR minimum 14 days notice is required to the end of your fixed term lease.


Example: if your lease expires on the 3/10/11, you may give 14 days notice on the 2/10/11. If you wait until the 4/10/11 in which your Lease Agreement has expired you will be required to give 21 days notice.


Are you currently in a lease agreement but need to leave early?


Breaking your lease may be costly.  In this situation you will need to contact your Property Manager first to discuss your circumstances.  Please refrain from completing the form until you have discussed this with your Property Manager.


If you need to end your agreement early you should give as much notice as you can. Our office will commence advertising the property as soon as possible. To make this transaction as easy as possible you should allow our Leasing Consultant to show the premises to potential new tenants as much as possible.


Your notice can be delivered via the following methods.


1. Email via

2. Post InStyle Real Estate 3 Amy Close North Wyong NSW 2259

3. Hand delivered to our office 3 Amy Close North Wyong NSW 2259


Once I have given written notice, what happens next?


Once you have notified our office that you intend on vacating, our Leasing Consultant will be in touch with you regarding times that we can start showing the property to prospective tenants.  If you are happy, we can inspect the property using the master keys which avoids having to arrange inspections around your busy schedule.


Address: 3 Amy Close North Wyong NSW 2259

Phone: 0411 153 766


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