Insuring your Investment is managed correctly with Ladele Jones and Richard Ruhl

Routine Property Inspections


Why do we have property inspections?


Property inspections are carried out as part of our obligation to the maintenance of the owner’s investment, and also as part of our commitment to providing the tenants with a functional, comfortable home space.



Who carries out the inspections and how frequent are they?


All inspections are carried out by Ladele Jones and Richard Ruhl our specialist Property Inspections Officer’s.  Richard Ruhl has a strong background in the building industry and his job is dedicated to complete routine inspections, to monitor the ongoing care of the property and to maintain a line of communication with tenants. Any issues are usually discussed with the tenant and referred to the landlord if necessary.




How do I know when you will be attending?


We will inform you in writing of the date that we intend to carry out the inspection of the property. On occasions, the property owner will attend a routine inspection, and you need to be aware that the landlord does have the right to view your home, consider your tenancy and make decisions relating to the property’s future.


We understand that it will not always be possible for you to be present at the inspection. If you are unable to be home, we will enter the property using the master keys held by our office. We will leave a business card so that you know we have been.




What happens if I know repairs are required prior to the inspection?


If you have maintenance items or concerns with the property that you would like to report, please fill out a maintenance request form. We will ensure that your concerns are noted on the report and any maintenance items bought to the attention of your landlord.




What do I need to do to prepare the property for the inspection?


We request that you ensure the property is in a clean and tidy state.  We will be paying particular attention to state of the lawns and gardens and noting any wear and tear to the property.  Example: gutters aging, fencing deteriorating, movement cracks, general minor wear. Additionally, a written report is then sent to the landlord.


A small gift will be left for tenants who are maintaining the property to a high standard.



Address: 3 Amy Close North Wyong NSW 2259

Phone: 0411 153 766


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