Richard Ruhl strives to shine in every area of the real estate industry, continually reinventing himself as he finds better ways to achieve his clients’ goals. Richard Ruhl’s client focus, stemming from years of extensive customer service and marketing skills, coupled with a desire to provide the very best results has seen him win professional recognition, the respect of his clients and repeat business in the real estate industry. Richard has an extraordinary diversity of skills and knowledge within the building industry that is put to great use in his work today as a residential sales agent.

“I take great satisfaction in achieving a successful sale for my vendors but also strongly believe that the relationship I build with them over the entire process is vital in providing the very best of service now and forever”


As a resident of the Central Coast for the past 24 years, Richard loves the diversity of real estate in this region. Richard relishes the challenge of securing above market sales prices and enjoys marketing all types of properties including luxury apartments, townhouses and large family homes.   Richard’s, ambitious and passionate about property, his honesty, tenacity and utmost professionalism is appreciated by the large mix of clients he deals with – from first home buyers to wealthy company executives


Displaying exceptional commitment and loyalty, Richard offers a personalised service and strives to meet all of his clients’ needs – above and beyond a great sale price. He takes the time to listen and understand his clients and goes out of his way to ensure they feel valued and supported throughout and beyond the sales process.

Property Management (Security)

Richard has worked in the security industry since he was 18 looking after the some of the roughest clubs in Australia to some of the most exclusive clubs in Australia. Richard has a great reputation in the security industry he has body-guarded high profile people such as the former prime minister Bob Hawke, The Ambassador of China, and Microsoft's Bill Gates just to name a few.

You may ask what does this have to do with Property Management?


  • I protected the Premises that i worked at.

  • I protected the lives of the people i have Body guarded.

  • I ensured the people i let in to the Premises were people of good nature (Profiling).

  • I removed people from the Premises.

  • I was a negotiator with intoxicated people (which is harder then sober People).

  • I wrote detailed reports for legal matters.

  • I ensured the staff and patrons were safe.

  • I ensured the Premises were secure.

So i ask you these people trusted me with looking after their LIVES and their Premises i own INSTYLE REAL ESTATE who do you want looking after your Property?



Address: 3 Amy Close North Wyong NSW 2259

Phone: 0411 153 766


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