Once we have submitted your application to the owner and obtained approval, our office will contact you and advise you of the good news!


Once Approved


What happens next?

Holding Fee is required to secure the property

We will require a holding deposit of one (1) week’s rent to secure the property.  Once the holding deposit is received by our office we will remove the property from our rental list.  The holding deposit will be transferred to rent after your tenancy begins.Making payment is simple, detailed below is a few options:-Internet Transfer


Our bank account details are:


BSB:- 012-477

Account Number: 2111 82887

Bank: ANZ

Reference: A number will be supplied by your property manager


Signing of the Lease


You will need to make an appointment with your Property Manager to sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement.  This can either be done on the day of collecting your keys or by signed prior. We are happy to work around your busy schedule.  If you do not live locally we can arrange to send the agreement by registered mail for you to sign.Please discuss these options with your Property Manager.


What happens at the lease signup?


We will go through the lease agreement with you and you will be given an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns with your Property Manager regarding your tenancy or the property.  We will require approximately 30 minutes of your time to explain the documents etc.


You will be asked to sign the following documents:-


Residential Tenancy Agreement – and any annexures (if applicable)

Bond Lodgement Form

Condition Report – This describes the condition of the premises at the time you move in.  You will be given 7 days to read and sign the condition report and note anything else that is missing from the report.  You will be given a copy of this report.  The condition report is used at the end of your tenancy so please ensure you return this to your Property Manager with your notes



Fees to be paid to our office


You will be required to pay (2 weeks rent in advance) rent in advance from the first day of your tenancy which is 2 weeks rent.  In addition, you will be required to pay a rental bond, which is 4 weeks rent.  This is a form of security for the landlord and is used to cover any expenses owing due to cleaning or damage to the premises at the end of your tenancy (if any).  We will lodge the bond money with the Department of Fair Trading within 30 days.  Your bond will be returned to you when you vacate the property, providing (it is clean, no damage has been done and all rent and water usage charges have been paid .


Connecting Services


You will need to arrange Electricity.

Please don’t assume the power will already be on when you move in.  You are responsible for arranging supply for  your electricity.


You will need to arrange Telephone connection & internet connection.

We highly recommend you make the necessary enquires with a provider prior to moving in to ensure your requirements are met.


You will need to arrange LPG Gas if applicable.

If the property your leasing has gas appliances or heating then the following arrangements apply.


The landlord is responsible for providing the gas cylinder.  This should have already been installed at the property

The tenant is responsible for filling the gas cylinder.


Address: 3 Amy Close North Wyong NSW 2259

Phone: 0411 153 766

Email: pm@instylerealestate.com.au


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